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Emma Brittenden

I love seeing people happy.
I’ve been making people laugh with The Court Jesters since I was fresh out of school. The kind of comedy we do is collaborative, improvised, and a wee bit silly – a bit like the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

People are often surprised that I’m also a wedding photographer, but to me, the two careers are a perfect match. Both are all about connecting with people. When I see couples who are deeply in love, to me they look just like amazing improvisers. They trust each other, they make each other laugh and they work so well together.

I started wedding photography six years ago when it was fashionable to go away for big photoshoots in the middle of a wedding. One of my favourite changes in that time has been how many couples now want to stay with their guests and actually enjoy their wedding. I love the challenge of working quickly but still delivering beautiful portraits. Things like first looks or slipping away for little five-minute shoots throughout the day work just as well – and mean couples don’t miss out on their own party!

I tend to photograph a mix of weddings, engagements, and portraits, with the odd studio shoot thrown in. My philosophy is that working with me should feel fun and easy – and always end with you taking home stunning photos. I’ve been told that as a photographer, I am so much fun to be with and that I have an innate ability to make people relax and laugh.

When it comes to weddings, I love working with people who care about the real stuff. If you want beautiful photos without abandoning your guests for hours, or if you feel awkward in front of the camera, but still want photos that feel natural and less posed, then I’m your girl.

I also feel it’s important that I do the little things for you. Things like knowing your parents’ names, learning your story, and listening to what you want... not just what will look good in my portfolio.


Joshua Brosnahan