Few places in the world can boast the plethora of natural wonders that are offered by Kaikōura, and now this coastal destination is more accessible than ever, thanks to the rebuild of State Highway One – which is due to be completed shortly. A high level of engineering expertise and brilliance has been invested into the reconstruction of the coastal areas of the highway, linking Christchurch to Picton. The drive taking
in the Kaikōura coast is nothing short of a spectacular scenic coastal experience.

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Kaikōura, simply named thanks to the abundant crayfish or kōura and various marine life surrounding the coast – is the place to see some of the most unique ocean sights in New Zealand. Where else can one see such an abundance of the ocean environment in one location? The coastal town is packed with many attractions from fishing to scuba diving, whale watching and dolphin tours, seal and albatross tours; also, some unique land-based adventures from quad bike tours to cycle trails and a stunning peninsula walkway.

Many consider it the South Island’s coastal treasure, and rightly so.

Once arriving in Kaikōura, you can quite literally reach out to ocean life thanks to Encounter Kaikōura. The locally owned and operated company has two boat-based tours; Dolphin Encounter and Albatross Encounter.

The Dolphin Encounter tour is an opportunity to appreciate first-hand the beauty and brilliance of pods of dusky dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is a unique and sought-after activity, often being described as a life-changing experience. The Albatross Encounter sees you discovering
a large variety of pelagic birds including
five varieties of Great albatross, up to nine varieties of the smaller Lesser albatross
and many, many more. With a focus on environmental sustainability at the centre
of the business ethos, Encounter Kaikōura
is a company that values the opportunity to share and educate their customers about the precious ocean environment and the wildlife that live in it.

Be prepared for the awe-inspiring wonder of nature to overwhelm your senses when you encounter Kaikōura. A destination for you to consider experiencing this spring.

Joshua Brosnahan