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Fiji, long considered the jewel of the South Pacific, is a collection of 333 different islands, absolutely packed with hidden gems and tantalising tropical hideaways – no two trips to Fiji need be the same.

The Fiji islands have long attracted thrill seekers, explorers, and romantics. The draw of its white sands, coral reefs, and rugged mountainous beauty continues to be enthralling for tourists, and now more than ever, Fiji is easily accessible for Cantabrians. Thanks to Fiji Airways flying directly to Nadi three times a week from Christchurch, you can leave the heatpump and scarves behind and sink your toes into warm sand, just four short hours after boarding the plane. So go on, treat yourself and the family to some much-needed Vitamin D this winter. What will your adventure be? Whatever you fancy, Avenues will take you there, with a cool drink in hand. Bula!

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