A lot can happen in fifty years. One thing is for certain: the locally-based team at Whittle Knight and Boatwood Ltd have been there for our city, every step of the way.

Tania Ellis has been in the property game for some time now and has led a team of experienced, knowledgeable and trusted property managers at Whittle Knight and Boatwood Ltd for close to 10 years. From Jo on the front desk at reception, through to all the property management team – including Tania herself – they have managed many properties, all over Christchurch.


 “Working together as a cohesive team is one of the key elements of a successful property management division. Most of us have worked together for at least ten years, so we have a good understanding of each other and how we work, and this allows us to play to our strengths.”

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) accredited Whittle Knight and Boatwood Ltd aim to offer a very personalised and responsive approach to property management.

“With the advances in communication and technology over the years, people’s thirst for instant information is at an all-time high and as such, we need to be able to meet that expectation. Therefore, being easily accessible and forthcoming with information is important.” Going the extra mile, the team has an independent auditing service for an individual’s portfolio on offer.

 A property is monitored and reviewed every three months, and although this is not a legal requirement for property management, Tania believes it is a ‘best-practice procedure’ in the interests of offering transparency and reassurance to owners and tenants.

 Your property is in good hands – as it has been for fifty years.


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