When you think of laser hair removal – you will probably think of Caci. That is because they were one of the first clinics in the world to offer this revolutionary treatment, giving them a definite edge.

 The skin treatment and appearance medicine provider is celebrating 25 years in the business, delivering great results since it started out at its Auckland store in 1994.

 The New Zealand owned brand is a market leader with over 50 clinics throughout the county. Each clinic is franchise owned, when you come to Caci you are supporting local business people.

Twenty-five years on and Caci has helped multitudes of customers achieve great results with laser hair removal, and while it’s still a large part of the business, delivering great skin is their real passion.

Co-founders David and Jackie Smith explain that Caci is built on a passion for delivering, what they call ‘skin confidence’. “Skin confidence is hugely powerful and can be truly life-changing. We are not here to judge if your skin concern is good or bad, big or small; we just want to help,” Jackie says.

The Caci philosophy and purpose is clear; they firmly believe great skin should be simple, accessible and achievable. With over two decades leading the industry, they have helped thousands of people achieve great results – and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

With a range of treatments including skin rejuvenation, appearance medicine, and body shaping, Caci has a variety of options for all customers. caci.co.nz

Liam Stretch