Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki has some exciting developments and the public is invited to be part of them.

CoCA has shifted its programming to present both contemporary art and design. Few galleries in New Zealand are exploring the cross-pollination between contemporary art, design, architecture, and technology in a nation internationally respected for design innovation.

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CoCA boldly moves toward meeting local and international visitor demand for design-based art exhibitions with a number of thrilling shows and events on offer in the coming months – including its now sold out Art & Architecture Tour. Its programming has a particular focus on fulfilling the rich potential of its vast Mair gallery to create large-scale installations and fully immersive arts experiences. The gallery is expanding the way technology and spatial design helps visitors appreciate the exhibition experience. The gallery is also shifting beyond just presenting and commissioning artists to providing them with the basis to survive and thrive as creative entrepreneurs through a suite of professional development initiatives.

As an independent charitable trust without institutional funding, CoCA relies on philanthropic giving from generous supporters to deliver its ambitious programming. June 15 is its annual fundraising dinner and auction and is the singular most important fundraising event for the institution, raising critical funds to achieve its vision, and this year’s event promises to be transformative.

CoCA’s gala dinners are artist-led, bringing guests up-close to artists and immersing them deeply in the arts. This year, local fashion designer, Steven Junil Park of artisan label 6x4, presents a breath-taking vision of a brave new world. Collaborating with the incredible Two Productions and several artists and performers costumed and styled by Steven, Spectrum Lighting and Sound will illuminate the primordial fantasy.

White Tie Catering will present a dining experience inspired by Steven’s elemental concept and to ensure you feel very much a part of the atmosphere; the dress is ethereal black tie.

This exciting auction will feature escapes to privately owned, luxury locations from Stewart Island to Waiheke Island, and the last remaining piece of the Canterbury Society of Arts Collection, Philip Trusttum’s Riding in the Long Grass.

CoCA request the pleasure of your company at this year’s gala and your support in delivering its bold vision to sustain the future of Christchurch’s oldest arts institution. Join in the wonder...


Joshua Brosnahan