Archibalds has recently unveiled the all-new Range Rover Evoque for 2019. Creating a compelling successor to the vehicle that heralded the compact luxury SUV movement – capturing hearts all over New Zealand. It is an innovative update to the compact sports-utility vehicle launched to great success with Land Rover, over eight years ago.

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The Evoque is the perfect SUV for urban exploration; in a town such as Christchurch that is constantly evolving and growing, it’s essential to have a vehicle that is comfortable and can handle varying urban terrains in style.

The new version features a distinctive coupé-like silhouette, and a palette of new exterior and interior materials, including a range of premium non-leather options for the interior of the car. The SUV is equipped with unparalleled technology, with new additions of the ClearSight interior rear-view mirror and ClearSight Ground View.

Following in the footsteps of any iconic predecessor is always a challenge, but Land Rover’s designers and engineers were up to it. The Evoque is the epitome of the Range Rover’s modernist design approach, with a bold evolution that retains the essence of Evoque’s character. In fact, this luxury SUV has been so popular that Steve Kenchington, Land Rover New Zealand’s General Manager, said, “The Range Rover Evoque has accounted for one in every four Land Rovers sold over the past eight years.”

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For eco-conscious drivers, on offer is a serene, contemporary interior cabin design using the world’s first Eucalyptus textile upholstery. These non-leather upholstery options cater to the ethical consumer. The other alternative leather material is called Eucalyptus Melange, a hybrid plant-based material developed by Land Rover, which is paired with an animal-free, anti-microbial polyurethane material in the seats. Both non-leather upholstery options have been designed to be as hard-wearing as the leather options. Both are durable, able to retain newness, and remain easy to clean; this upholstery is perfect for the urban family.

The ClearSight interior rear-view mirror and ClearSight Ground View are both firsts for Land Rover. The technology provides a clear line of sight for normally obstructed views, delivering greater levels of confidence when driving off-road or in challenging urban situations. Thanks to external cameras, a simple flick of a switch sees your rear vision mirror displaying a clear view of the road behind you, regardless of the cargo in the boot.

With the added bonus of a 20 per cent larger fuel tank, a larger boot space, and cutting edge technology, your life is set to be that little bit easier, and better connected. From Hagley Park to The Tannery and beyond, you’ll have the luxurious travel experience that you deserve.

All this and more, available from Archibalds. Reserve yours today.