AS TOLD TO Joshua Brosnahan PHOTO Sebastian Beyrer

When I was young, my father’s hobby was woodworking. I grew up in his workshop helping him on various projects in the weekends. With a home full of handmade items, I became used to the idea of building furniture rather than buying it. As I got older, my love for creating grew and I was no longer just helping dad but making projects of my own. I was gradually building on the knowledge he gave me.

Quitting my job a few years ago meant I could put all my energy into furniture making and starting to build my business.

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My brand is not only an outlet for me to do what I love but an opportunity to share with others a craft which nowadays is overshadowed by large retailers of imported goods. Woodworking can often be regarded as an old fashioned occupation today, but with my pieces, I aim to incorporate modern lines and contemporary style while using the practicality of traditional techniques.

My design process usually starts with a face-to-face conversation with my clients, discussing their ideas and getting a firm understanding of what they are looking for in the finished piece. Using timber species to seamlessly integrate with the décor of a room or to meet the structural requirements of an outdoor piece, deciding on the material is always important. From here I like to sketch multiple designs going back and forth with clients until we arrive at something that is both unique and functional. Working with both wood and steel allows me to cover a larger range of design ideas and possibilities for each piece and client.

I would like to encourage people to appreciate bespoke, hand-crafted furniture and remove the intimidation they might feel in regards to the design process and ordering of a custom piece. Made to order items such as my barstools are available for purchase on my website.

My furniture represents quality. They’re hand crafted pieces with attention to detail and longevity.