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“At 31 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at 38 I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer metastasised in my lungs. It was suggested that I had a 12 month life expectancy with zero percent chance of lasting 18 months. I was told to go home and put my affairs in order. I had my fingers crossed it would be five years, and that was my intention, reduce my symptoms have a great five years and then die. I asked myself three things every day: Am I being present? Am I being grateful? Am I doing everything I can naturally?

“I didn’t do a bucket list. I thought if I’ve only got 365 days then I’m going to get to know myself and learn every possible lesson that I can. At about six months I was doing some serious therapies to get my lungs working again. Over the course of 14 months I just got better and better. I just had this peace and calmness about how life was supposed to be lived.

“I actually have no sign of cancer in my body now. I’ve had a couple of CT scans and my lungs are absolutely fine. What I’ve been incredibly fortunate to experience is what’s called a radical remission.

“I moved to Christchurch 10 years ago. Of the 47 years of my life, my hardest years have been here in Christchurch, and yet it’s still one of my favourite places in the world. It’s allowed me to grow and be nurtured and I feel like I belong here. After I turned 40, I gave birth to our only child Jackson, the last seven years have been a haze of bringing up a child and keeping really well.

“Because I’m so passionate about what I’ve been through and helping other people, the natural thing was to start coaching other people. My number one value is growth. I tell people to simply lean into their best big life today, in the days that they do have, and don’t give too much thought to the days that they won’t have. It’s about living presently, living now. And if not now, then when?”