WORDS Joshua Brosnahan PHOTO Jordan Reid

Danni France has lived a life and a half already.

In the few short months since launching her online store The Mustard Jumper, her brand has grown from vintage homewares and clothing to a platform of transparency and positive impact.

“Instagram is known for being associated with high levels of anxiety, depression, and bullying. Rather than just ignore this, I want to use this platform to share stories that will inspire, challenge and support people. I guess I just want to be the light in what is sometimes a dark place.”


After a particularly dark time in her life, Danni made the decision to leave a marriage and face a somewhat uncertain next step. Sharing her struggles and being honest through The Mustard Jumper brand has proven beneficial.

“My story of emotional abuse is one that is not normally talked about, but one that so many people can identify with. I won’t lie – it can be quite emotionally draining sharing what is so personal to me, however, I know that it’s important. Raising awareness can potentially save someone else from having to go through the pain I went through. It’s also been really healing for me too though, as I am now a part of a community of people who understand me, support me and share my passion for raising awareness.

“Knowing where I fit, and who I connect with has always been hard for me. I’m the outgoing, extroverted girl, always surrounded by people but I’ve struggled a lot with loneliness. I think something I’ve learnt through the past couple of years is that I don’t actually need heaps of people, I just need a few. My family, my boyfriend Alex and my best friend Hanna are my support network.

“I’m still a part of a large community of young adults, as we all live together in the same suburb, but I’m learning that it’s okay to be a part of a large group and not feel like I have to be ‘known’ by everyone. As long as I have a few people I can be honest with – people who will listen and not judge, then I am okay.”

When prompted if there was anything Danni would do differently in retrospect, she pauses thoughtfully.

“When life brings hurt and struggles you have the opportunity to let it grow your character. I think that’s maybe why I have a little bit more wisdom. I would say to ‘old Danni’ to be honest. Don’t hide things, especially from those who love you and want the best for you. I hid a lot. I was embarrassed that my marriage was failing.
I was incredibly confused, lonely and broken and it just seemed too ‘big’ to truly let anyone in. I just wish I had been more honest sooner. Honesty is something I value really highly now and I think that’s why I am more confident in the relationships I have, especially with Alex.”

Danni is here to inspire the everyday person – there are other options when it comes to being consumers of fashion and beauty, and there is always a second chance.