A new generation of vintage stores are emerging, and they’re available right in your pocket.

Anissa Trinder started Spice Vintage in the summer of 2017, with an aim to capture a unique angle on a thrift store. She sells almost all of her items through the app Instagram.

“I’d discovered my passion for op-shops and vintage clothing, after really feeling discouraged by society’s ‘fast fashion’ mentality. Clothing waste is one of the highest sources of pollution in the world. I wanted something more, something different. “

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“I guess in some way I’ve used Spice Vintage as an outlet to fuel my obsession. I was finding items I simply couldn’t leave behind – beautiful handmade dresses from the ’70s, or classic items that would be perfect with slight alterations. I began compiling a collection before I really knew what I was aiming for.”

There is an element of honesty and integrity to the items. There is no smoke and mirror show.

“Part of the allure of a vintage find is the patina it comes with – a hand sewn name, or a slight crease or mark. Items are sold with the understanding that they’ve lived a life prior to being part of Spice Vintage.”

Anissa’s range has items from the 1950s right up until the 2000s and today – the onus is on grabbing an item with ‘moxie’ rather than a specific era.

There are regular customers who work with her on requests; she can send pics via Instagram and communicate to her customers on the spot when she finds something that could be of interest.

Part of the process is regular visits to second-hand stores and opportunity shops all over Christchurch where she’s befriended many shop assistants. The vast majority are enthusiastic and supportive and a few even stockpile items for her they know she will love.


A notable find for Anissa came with quite a story.

“I was at a local market, and a pink and purple dress caught my eye. A traditional long-sleeved shirt dress, to the knee. I tried it on and it fit like a glove.”

The vendor shared the story with her – the dress was handmade in Paris, by a woman who was 95 years old.

“The fabric was from S/S 2013 Gucci. I have no idea how it got here to Christchurch, but I’m glad it did. I’m saving it for a special occasion.”

Spice Vintage is not alone in its pursuits of the ultimate vintage wardrobe. Anissa mentions multiple accounts just like hers, selling through Facebook, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.

“There really is a great network of vintage resellers in our city and New Zealand as a whole. I like to think we all complement each other. We all have our own unique stock, so there’s no competition really. There’s strength in numbers.”

The rise of repurposed vintage clothing and consignment stores is warmly welcomed.

“Anything that contributes to our society taking stock of the resources we’ve already created, and seeing the beauty in what we have from generations past, is fine with me.”