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Adam Heazlewood has swiftly built an empire thanks to his dynamic ability to sell houses.

2019 sees him positioned alongside his partner Dani, as they work on some of Christchurch’s most iconic home sales through real estate firm Bayleys.

After recently turning 28, Adam has returned from an excursion to Mexico with Dani, and they’re starting the year off strong. In a somewhat challenging market as of late, Team AH has managed to grow to five team members, and the business is thriving. Dani works on administration and presentation of the houses and Adam focuses on negotiations and “crucial conversations with clients”.

The couple’s story started at work. Dani was working in property management, and Adam as an agent. Their similarities in work ethic brought them together.

Adam says their strength lies in their ability to “leave the ego out of it. We’re focused on client’s results.”

Indeed, the egos are nowhere to be found – the couple are relaxed and welcoming in their home, and dote on Ralph, their toy poodle. Ralph is also pretty friendly himself.

“Working with Dani was a no brainer,” says Adam. “It’s really hard to get reliable people to work for you. But with Dani,
I trust her with absolutely everything. We’re both quite particular people and have high standards. I know that working with her, nothing is compromised. Everything is as it should be. From a reputation point of view, this works out really well for us both.”

Adam and Dani are no strangers to all aspects of real estate. They’ve recently finished their own home build, and as one would expect, it’s an exceptional example of a house for a modern professional couple.

A work/life balance is a challenge for the industrious young couple.

“We make efforts where we can to try and balance it out,” says Dani. “I suppose the age we are at now is the time in life to strive to do the best we can in our careers, so we have the benefits later on in life when we start a family.”

Quite often Adam is responding to emails before the gym at 5am, or 10pm at night.

“From our point of view – you can’t be successful, or a high-performing team unless you live and breathe the job. Everyone wants everything now, and that’s okay. That’s part of this generation, and we understand it.”

Dani mentions Adam’s dedication and work ethic as his biggest strengths.

“Adam doesn’t let anything sit, because he’s so passionate. He definitely lives to the standard he’s set.”

“We are both perfectionists,” Adam adds, “But Danielle takes it to a whole other level. When it comes to being thorough, she’s unmatched. She’s exceptional at details – what looks good, and presents well both from a personal and professional level.

“For me it’s valuable having her by my side. Having someone there as a second opinion, or to validate our decisions is key.”

Dani adds that they play to each other’s strengths, both personally and professionally.

“We’re both on track, and we’re on the same path. We tend to have similar ideas and that works. We simply just complement each other well.”

Joshua Brosnahan