AS TOLD TO Joshua Brosnahan

Right from the very beginning, I focused on three elements; beauty, body and freedom of spirit. 25 years ago, that was quite unique. I just knew this was needed. I started with a dream. This was my vision, and now I really am living this dream.

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My purpose was to create a place called Total Body Concept. I believe that if you get your vision into place then you can manifest. My vision was the first of its kind; to pioneer the culture of nurturing the spirit in the beauty industry, with particular focus on creating wellness before illness takes over.

There is a uniqueness, a vibe about the energy when you come here. Clients have become integrated into our culture.

We started with simple skincare regimes, then invested in IPL technology in 2004, and then in 2016, the Laser Genesis facial. We’ve carried clients through that journey.

We’ve had 25 years now, and now where for the next 25? We will continue with educating people about life balance, taking time out, reducing stress. It’s my life philosophy – life needs to be kept in balance.

I will always choose the best product, for the best result, for the best treatment. I always aspire to lead from the top. That is the way I started out. It’s an innate part of my DNA.

I had to remind myself of this in those tough times. Post-earthquakes, we lost 75% of our clientele who were based in the central city.

We pulled on every resource we could. I did everything I could to look after my staff, so they could in turn look after as many clients as we could. Business just started rolling again. Thank goodness.

The key to our survival was our reputation, and the quality of our service.

I began with this dream, this vision of what we’ve created now and that took 25 years. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it. You can create your own outcome, no matter what the odds.

On The JobJoshua Brosnahan