371 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central


Kadett is a dreamy and relaxing cafe on St Asaph St, located within Space Academy.

The focus for Kadett seems to be collaborative efforts, with donuts from Grizzly Baked Goods, and decadent creations from Cakes By Anna.

The food offered on the menu is fresh, colourful and classic – we ordered a miso and cherry tomato bagel, a ham cheese and relish toastie and a cream-filled jam donut to fight over later. Kadett’s coffee is by Ristretto, and was quick to arrive to our table. If you’re not of the coffee persuasion, there is an extensive top pick tea list offered, which I intend to work my way through on future visits.

Our brunch appeared to be made with care and presented perfectly on stoneware plates, which are made by co-owner Mirabel. The donut was as fresh as the day was, made with fresh yeast and filled with a boysenberry reduction. Kadett’s donuts are like something your favourite aunt would make. Heavy but fresh, with a great ratio of filling. They are severely lacking in any boring bits.

The staff are quietly efficient, softly spoken and pleasantly kept the place humming around us. There was a relatively good vibe for a Saturday morning brunch rush. Plenty of people without any of the panic.

Overall, the cafe is comfortable and easy, with plants, books and sketch art to make you feel at home. You could stay a while, and why not? Especially with Doki hairdressers on site, and Galaxy Records opposite. You could be here until lunch. 

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