144 Lichfield St, CBD, 03 420 0376


There are two Pot Stickers in Christchurch: the dumpling bar at The Colombo, Sydenham, and the slightly more formal restaurant version in the CBD. We had lunch at the latter and can see it would be a great venue for dinner after an event in town or anytime for a get together with friends and family. The ambience is gentle contemporary Chinese. And there’s no need to feel intimidated by the menu, the staff will guide you.

Inspired by Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung in Shanghai, the chefs are Chinese, bringing a quality sampling of northern (Beijing) and southern (Cantonese/Shanghainese) regional flavours. Things are geared for Western preferences, with larger portions than in traditional yum cha, and perhaps more fusionoriented. Unless you’re in a large-ish group you won’t need to order quite as many dishes.

Dumplings come steamed or pan fried (‘pot stickers’ are the fried kind). I recommend the prawn and cori[ander] crystal dumplings (so-called for their translucent skin). Larger than standard, generously filled (I counted three prawns stuffed in there) and bursting with flavour, the addition of water chestnuts gave them an exquisite texture in the mouth.

The pig ‘n’ chive dumplings are likewise delicious. They’re large, with finely minced, tightly packed filling. Very moreish indeed.

An appealing signature touch was the bao served less like the traditional steamed bun and more like a sandwich. That’s something I associate with Taiwan (gua bao or ‘cut bread’) and has become a popular trend recently, in contrast to the round, enclosed Cantonese bun. Between two of us we shared a pork belly and a Beijing duck bao – both were lovely.

Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar is a little charmer. We’re heading back for the chocolate dumplings on the dessert menu. 

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