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Not Without You is the name and the ethos for a fantastic wine, food and fashion outlet.

Friends Helen Pfahlert, Phillip Sunderland and Stuart Montgomery have established a unique collaboration that offers the best in dining, wine and fashion, right in the CBD on High Street.

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The wine bar is accompanied by DUAL – an established Christchurch brand that both Phillip and Stuart have worked on reinvigorating. DUAL’s offering is now classic raw denim with Dutch minimalist inspiration.

Phillip says the concept of Not Without You is relatively simple – supporting local, to benefit locals.

“Our hashtag is always ‘Aotearoa’ – we will never be made anywhere else, because we believe in local. It’s important to us as capitalists. You have to choose where you spend your money.”

When looking for a space, the current location next to New Zealand fashion brands Plume and World struck a chord with the trio because of DUAL, the denim aspect of Not Without You.

Local ceramicist Tatyanna Meharry from The Busy Finch made the ramekins that
sit on each table. Reclaimed seating is from the Linwood Baptist church, and the wooden stools are made with wood from Southern Demolition. Even the refrigerators were manufactured locally, by Debonair in Woolston. The denim used at DUAL is made just 800 metres away on Lichfield street. Now that’s local.

There’s a distinct feeling that the Not Without You crew are really committed to the ideology behind it all. It’s full of “intentional decisions,” says Phillip.

“We chose Unknown Chapter because we believe they make the best coffee, but also because they roast the beans within a couple of hundred metres of us. We only offer New Zealand wine, and New Zealand craft beer.”

They are particular about ensuring their offerings aren’t coming from big corporates.

“We stick with small, because we’re small. If we buy from DB or Lion, it means nothing
to them. When you buy from the Donaldson family from Pegasus Bay or the Thomas family from Greystone, it means something. They know us. We have a relationship with them.

“That’s part and parcel with the authenticity of the story. You might pay a little more in the beginning, but you have the direct result of that transaction benefitting people. Real people.”

Helen adds that it’s also nice to share New Zealand stories. “We’re able to work with local suppliers, and send their story out to our customers. It’s mutually beneficial in that respect,” she says.

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Eaton Drink Co supply menu items such as the smoked salmon rilette and Cheesemongers provide the cheese used in the dishes.

There’s a solid collection of Kiwi wines, and they offer wine tastings events. There’s even plans for Friday barbecues and the fashion space has the ability to host functions.

“We also wanted to be friends with the restaurants around us,” says Phillip. “I feel they all see us as complementing what they do. We see ourselves in partnership with every other hospitality business out there – we’re all working together to encourage people to come out and experience our city.”

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