“I’ve dressed like this since I was little. I can remember making my mum cut one leg out of two pairs of tights so I could have a different colour on each leg. For me, because I’m a heavy-duty cutie, it’s a way of expressing myself and giving other people permission – they can be like, ‘Oh look, that person’s wearing whatever they want, maybe I could wear whatever I want too?’ There’s something very freeing in it, you know? Just being who you are, all the time.

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“I’d describe my style as rock ’n roll do-gooder. Saving the world by day; wearing a Bikini Kill T-shirt to bed. My mother raised me to value myself based on my contribution to the world, not my dress size. She never said an unkind word about her own body, or mine, or any other woman’s. It wasn’t until I was older, when she shared her own journey with self-image with me, that it made her commitment to fostering my body positivity feel all the more heroic. “Sometimes we need reminding that all bodies are good bodies. Your body is a good body! Just as you are, however you are, right now. So just be yourself. There’s a reason that that piece of advice is so popular – it’s because it’s good, and you’re great. So, take up space. Take care of yourself. Love your body. Because you’re here! And what else is there to do? Who are you being less for? Live your damn life, baby. I’m cheering for you.”

Joshua Brosnahan